Keeping your people safe

Your staff are the heart of your organisation and you want to make sure everyone gets home safe, every day. You care about your people and their wellbeing, operating safely and staying healthy is just part of the DNA of your business.

You want to make sure you are getting the right help and support to protect your staff and create the best Health and Safety systems for your organisation. At Risk Ready we live, eat and breathe Health and Safety - it is all that we do.

Our goal is not to make health and safety onerous - working with you and your teams we take a practical and pragmatic approach to health and safety working in ‘bite sized’ chunks.

Health and safety at work starts with organisations identifying and understanding the risks from their work activities, particularly those that have the potential to cause people serious harm. Once the risks have been assessed, organisations must decide, what controls need to be implemented, how to engage employees and the steps needed to monitor and review the controls.

With over 30 years’ experience specialising in health and safety, our Risk Ready team offer tailored services for organisations wanting to improve and refine their Health and Safety systems.



Case Study: Training and Development programme for New Zealand Crane Hire

Over the past two years New Zealand Crane Hire has been working with Risk Ready to develop a Training and Development programme for our business. This programme allows New Zealand Crane Hire to demonstrate where each employee is up to in their Crane training journey with an easy-to-follow system.

Within the training programme which has been developed for us, our employees are monitored on a scale which displays very simply where they are up to in their crane training journey, and what they have left to achieve. The scale helps to act as a motivation to encourage employees to keep working towards becoming fully qualified within their desired role.

The Training & Development programme is split into 5 stages;

  • Stage 1: New Zealand Crane Hire internal training.
  • Stage 2: Crane Industry – Core Compulsory.
  • Stage 3: NZQA Level 3, this involves training with Pendant, HIAB and Dogman cranes.
  • Stage 4: NZQA Level 4 Core Compulsory
  • The 5th and final stage: NZQA Level 4 – which involves Mobile, Franna and Advanced Dogman crane training.

Through this programme, New Zealand Crane Hire has noticed a large improvement in employee motivation and success.

This programme was also underpinned the success of New Zealand Crane Hire at the recent Crane Awards where our Catherine Dudson won Crane Trainee of the Year, and New Zealand Crane Hire won Training Programme of the year.