As a rapidly expanding business, and a need to renew our Totika certification, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review our entire company Health and safety systems.

Lara came highly recommended to us, and I can tell you she did not disappoint. Lara showed incredible patience as we tirelessly worked through a partially outdated system of policies and helped guide us to rebuild our health and safety management system. Communication couldn’t have been better. We previously had a Totika score of 60%. With Lara’s knowledge and guidance and at my request, she was able to show me areas we needed to make improvements to be more than just compliant as a business. We received a final Totika score of 77%. More importantly, as a company we are now more confident we have made the necessary changes and improvements in our business to keep our staff safe and ensure our Health and safety systems stay relevant and compliant. Anyone reading this review will know the challenges of navigating ever changing H&S compliance and regulatory laws, thanks to Lara and the risk ready team we were able make the necessary improvements. Our updated systems and policies have been well communicated and well received by our staff and have only had positive feedback. I highly recommend Lara and the Risk Ready team!

Gavin Van Heerden, Business Manager – Octo Group (previously Vault Group)

As a business we were finding additional pressure as a preferred supplier from our Govt contracts to become ToTIKA certified.  Not to mention, as a Company Director, the additional exposure to potential Health and Safety liabilities was a ticking time bomb.  After a good 4-5 months of repeated fruitless attempts to reach this goal, I came to the realisation I was way out of my depth and had no clue as to what was really required. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Lara and the Risk Ready team who provided instant results, took away all the headaches and we reached the certified outcome in record time.  I cannot speak highly enough of Risk Ready and the results they achieved.  If you are looking for a pain free, turn key solution then I would not hesitate to recommend Risk Ready. 

Steve Turner, Managing Director – Toast

I would highly recommend Risk Ready! They are professional, friendly, and extremely helpful.

Lara is just the best, she worked through my health and safety management system step by step and explained to me the points I did not understand.

I was aiming for a 75% Developing certificate with Totika and she got me to a 75% Performing! 

Thanks Lara and Risk Ready team!! 

Michelle Strassen - Micnor Plant & Equipment

As a supplier to the ADHB we were recently obliged to join Totiki and gain a Health & Safety pre-qualification certificate.This was to be achieved through inputting information and evidence on the Qualify365 online platform.

This caused a lot of stress as although we are contracted to the ADHB, we follow all the SOPs and Policies of the Department of Forensic Pathology, our only work site.

The department has very detailed policies, but it seemed we had to have our own.

Lara Williams from Risk Ready was recommended as someone who could help us with this and she certainly took all the stress away.

She talked to us about what our job entailed and tailored the documents to suit our unique situation. They are very user friendly and easy to read and understand.

She even loaded the documents to the Qualify365 website for us.

Thanks to Lara we gained the Qualify 365 pre-qualification certificate.

I can certainly recommend Lara Williams as someone who can help companies gain the necessary certificate.

Mary Melville - Auckland Bereavement Services

I found working with you was a great pleasure and you were always ever so accommodating no matter how small (and at times silly!) our queries were.

When we started the exercise we were pretty lost navigating through the processes but you guided us like a captain through the ocean and at times under the darkest clouds – so a big thank you again.

Emmanuel Jacob, Director - Wireless Warehouse